Housing Hawaii is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that was created to advocate for affordable rental and for sale housing in Hawaii.

University of Hawaii

Arch 690 (3) Special Topics Seminar

A New Paradigm for Affordable Housing in Paradise

Instructors: Associate Professor Joyce M. Noe, FAIA
Charles Chan, AIA; Brian Takahashi, AIA

General Goals and Objects of the Course
  1. Understanding of the changing roles of the architect in response to emerging technology, complex societal needs and cultural preservation
  2. Understanding of various architectural collaborations: Teamwork, associations, mentoring, etc.
  3. Awareness of varying influences on the architect: client aesthetics and economics; public policies and regulations; and private and public sector opportunities
  4. Case study investigation of project and practice innovation including case and research results from related courses
  5. Preparation for effective participation as a leader in the profession
Format and Activities
  • Seminar, Guest Lectures, site visits will require designated Saturday class(es)
  • Assignments focus on research, critical thinking, verbal, written, and graphic communication skills, case study exercises, field work
  • Maintain a journal/sketchbook/project manual
    • To record ideas, thoughts, reflections, speculations about course topics and issues
    • To document and date personal and project process and progress clearly and concisely
    • Record and compile data from field visits and document research comprehensively
  • Synthesize (create) and analyze (critique) findings from field work, research interviews, discussions
    • To raise and resolve questions
  • Write narrative and professional documents
    • To summarize class findings
  • Create graphic document
    • To transmit findings via printed (and/or digital media) and verbal presentations
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