Housing Hawaii is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that was created to advocate for affordable rental and for sale housing in Hawaii.

Working Groups

Education and Advocacy

  • To educate both members and elected officials on affordable housing related issues, as well as fostering relationships between State and County elected officials and members.
  • To liaison with other organizations and government entities.
  • To coordinate and oversee education efforts through letter writing, e-mails, visits to the State Capital, county visits, and other education activities.
  • Advise key individuals of affordable housing related issues.
  • Share perspectives and experiences with Housing Hawaii.
  • Assist in Housing Hawaii response to affordable housing discussions, including but not limited to, providing, organizing, or assisting in the development of testimony before legislative bodies or regulatory agencies

Marketing and Public Relations

  • Oversees development and implementation of a Marketing Plan, including identifying potential activities and how to meet the needs of the coalition with products/services/programs, and how to promote/sell the programs.
  • Promotes organization's services to the community, including generating fees for those services.
  • Represents the organization to the community; enhances the organization's image, including communications with the press.
  • Review membership application procedures and recommend dues structure and steps to increase membership.
  • Maintain list of all public relations efforts.
  • Increase contact with and exposure in all aspects of media, e.g. TV, newspaper, radio.
  • Generate feature articles in periodicals, vocational specialty, and general interest magazines.
  • Increase Housing Hawaii visibility in online services and on the internet.


  • Oversees development and implementation of a Fundraising Plan to sustain Housing Hawaii; identifies and solicits funds from external sources of support, working with the Research and Development Committee.
  • Oversee all aspects of the generating of funds for HH.
  • Design and implement an individual giving program.
  • Develop fund raising events.

Research and Development

Monitors and supports the development of affordable housing in Hawaii.

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